How the West Undermines Survival

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. Proverbs 14:12

The core of this problem is a tremendous cultural shift that has taken place in the West. Centered in intelligentsia, this overthrew the Judeo-Christian moral codes underpinning Western civilization in favor of hyper- individualism. “What is right” was replaced by “What is right for me.” Feelings replaced authority. There is no longer any such thing as objective truth. Everything was subjective and relative.

With all lifestyles now claiming worth, there would be no hierarchy of values or groups. Western culture, identified with the oppression of the world’s powerless, was damned as discriminatory and racist. The only legitimate values were universal, singling a utopian belief in the brotherhood of man.

This was bound to present a problem for us. Judaism gets in the way of all universalizing creeds. That’s because we Jews are a people apart. Our unique form of identity depends upon a unique history and moral precepts. Those Jewish precepts were adopted and adapted by Christianity and underpin Western civilization. Secularism, which took an ax to the West’s religious foundations and tries to appropriate these values as its own. It did so by stripping them of their Jewish and Christian character and pretending that equality, human rights or loving others as yourself, were instead universal precepts.

But they are not. Outside the Jewish and Christian world, they don’t exist. Denying the religious context strips them of meaning and seals their eventual demise. They can’t be defended because, under the guise of everyone laying claim to them, no one lays claim to them. Instead they turn against themselves.

Thus secularism has eroded morality by insisting that beneficial outcomes must be equally shared regardless of differences in behavior. Denigrating individual motivation on the basis that only consequences matter, it refuses to defend victim against aggressor but seeks to split the difference between them. Denying the notion of objective truth, it makes the West unable to recognize when it is being fed up pack of lies. It undermines the fairness of the truth. It could lead to quite a demise.

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